PE & Sports Grant Funding

Allocation for 2018/19 £17,832.00

Millfields Primary School

Effective use of PE and Sports funding

As a school, we are using our Sports Premium to develop sports and PE in the following ways:

  • We continue to employ a gym coach from Colchester School of Gymnastics for an afternoon a week. The coach is the head coach of the elite boys program and has higher level coaching qualifications. He works alongside staff to develop the teaching of gymnastics in the school. £3,500 per annum)
  • We continue to employ a dance teacher from a local dance school for one afternoon a week. The teacher has been effective in working within our theme to develop an enthusiasm for dance, as well as giving our teachers a greater understanding of the teaching of dance and how dance programs can be developed in a lively interactive way (£2210 per annum).
  • A qualified coach from Colchester United continues to visit the school for one afternoon a week. The coach teaches a variety of sports over the term. We have found the quality of teaching to be high and value our relationship with Colchester United (£1800 per annum).
  • We employ a qualified female sports coach to train our girls football team every week. (£800)
  • We have made efforts to resource and promote our after school sports clubs. The clubs are run in a variety of sports, that include football, rugby and table tennis. We will be upgrading much of our equipment for these clubs (£1000)
  • All our team kits need replacing including football for both boys and girls and our netball kit (£500)
  • For the last six years our school has been a member of the Colchester Competitive Sports Leagues. This is a group of local primary schools that have come together to promote competition. The school is a member of the Football and Netball leagues and attends tournaments in hockey, rounders, kwik cricket and tag rugby through the year (£50 membership fee).
  • Monitoring our children that are gifted and talented, or show a particular early aptitude to a particular sport, and referring them to the appropriate level of coaching and support
  • We have established a house system that promotes competition through a competitive sports day and sports competitions that are run through the year
  • We have become more involved with our Colne Cluster Colleagues and the Competition Manager, Chris Vine, to develop Essex School Games. ESG are opportunities for children to compete in competitions that run from local to national tiers. So far our Dodgeball team has qualified for the Essex Games and the Tag Rugby team will represent the cluster at the regional finals. Sports funding has allowed the funds to hire the community minibus to transport children to the venues. (£500)
  • In order that we can familiarise children with more sports that will become accessible through the Essex School Games, we will look to buy equipment that will enable the children to become familiar with the sports and participate on a higher level (£5672.00 per annum)
  • We will be resurfacing along the adventure trail in order to utilise the area as often and as safely as possible (£1800)
  • Gymnastics £3500
  • Dance £2210
  • Football £1800
  • Girls coach £800
  • Club requirements £1000
  • Kit £500
  • Membership £50
  • Colne Cluster £500
  • Equipment £5672
  • Resurfacing £1800