Millfields School Uniform


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Millfields Uniform


Uniform is worn at Millfields to develop a sense of pride in being a member of the Millfields school community.


Our school colours are red, grey and white.



Red school sweatshirt or cardigan – no logos other than school windmill.

White shirt, school polo shirt, plain white or red polo shirt.

Grey trousers, skirts or pinafores.

Appropriate footwear i.e.:  no open-toed/open-heeled strappy shoes or shoes with heels. 


Trainers are for PE only.



As winter plus grey shorts or red & white check dresses.

No strappy tops or dresses please.

Sun hats – preferably red, grey or white.





Outdoor: Trainers, tracksuit trousers and top preferably red or grey.

Indoor: House colour T-shirt, red shorts (bare feet)



Trainers, spare socks, House colour T-shirt (school logo available) and red shorts.




Children may wear a watch to school and stud earrings if their ears are pierced (which they must be able to remove themselves, we cannot remove them or tape them up)

No other jewellery please.


Please ensure that all items are named and that you check regularly as written names often fade.


In addition, all children will need a PE bag and a bag for books, pencil cases, reading diaries and homework books.