In Year 4 we have been studying a range of different topics! We have acted out the events of the Iceni revolt in Roman Britain as well as learned about a range of different Roman Gods and the way in which the Romans lived differently to us. We have written restaurant reviews and created our very own imaginary restaurants to go with them. Additionally, we have written an extended range of poetry inspired by characters and creatures in Harry Potter and learned about events in Aesop’s fables.

We have created impressionist artwork, clay sculptures based upon Harry Potter and our very own Picasso themed portraits. We made slime for the Christmas fete and as part of our Thrive time, packaging and selling it to raise money for our class. We have also learned and performed a variety of different songs including ‘Mama Mia’, ‘Stop bullying’ and Glee’s version of ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. It has been an exciting year so far and we will continue to work hard and tackle any new challenges that come our way!