In Year Three we have been studying Egyptians. One of the topics has been mummification. We decided to enhance our learning by mummifying a tomato! We needed to use certain equipment such as-

  • Tomatoes
  • Scales
  • Antibacterial hand-wash
  • Table salt and bicarbonate of soda (to make Natron)
  • Kitchen roll
  • Knife and spoon
  • Containers
  • Bandages

There were certain steps we needed to follow to ensure we correctly mummified our tomatoes.

We are meant to leave them for a period of 70 days (that’s how long bodies take) but our half term wasn’t that long! We did manage to leave them for 34 days! Photos of us opening up the tomatoes to follow!

Once a week every class in the school has a thrive assembly. It is a time to have fun, relax and put us in a happy mood. We have so far this year taken part in a variety of activities. One of the activities we tried was tai chi. This made us feel very focused and relaxed, particularly because we had to concentrate on our breathing.