Pupil Premium 2014-15

Pupil Premium Report (to be read in conjunction with the information below detailing how the funds are allocated)

From April 2014 – April 2015:

14 pupils are eligible for pupil premium

11 free school meals and 1 service child in KS2

1 free school meals and 1 service child in KS1

1 pupil is not currently making expected or better progress in KS2 in Reading and Mathematics.

1 pupil did not achieve Level 2b in reading at the end of KS1 last year.

Both pupils are receiving additional input from early morning boosters, individually and in small peer groups, and differentiated quality first teaching

Because of the small numbers and the risk of identifying the pupils concerned, mitigating circumstances for both pupils will not be detailed, but will be shared (confidentially) with the Pupil Premium link governor during the monitoring visit.

The school is using Pupil Premium funding to benefit all vulnerable pupils in the school, not just those who are, or were eligible for free school meals. The vulnerable pupil register currently accounts for about 25% of the school population.

The impact of the Pupil Premium funding is evident in the attainment and progress figures – those eligible for the pupil premium perform as well as or better than those who are not eligible.

Attendance is good, as is participation in after school clubs and residential trips; pupil premium funding is used to contribute towards the cost of these activities to help those parents who cannot afford the fees/costs.

Pupil premium funding is also used to subsidise Breakfast Club costs so that parents who were on benefits can afford to return to work and have their children cared for before school.  


Millfields Pupil Premium Allocation 2014/15

Number of pupils on roll who have had a free school meal entitlement at any point between the Summer 2008 and October 2013 census count.

13 Pupils @ £1300.00 = £16,900.00

2 Service Children @ £300.00 = £600.00

Total allocation for 2014/15 = £17,500.00

We receive this money in termly instalments and these funds were in addition to the main school budget. Our planned expenditure is detailed below.

Additional staffing for early morning booster sessions and

catch up classes                                                                                              £10,000.00

Family financial support for trips and visits                                          £  1,300.00

Lego therapy and speech & language therapy                                       £  4,000.00

Breakfast Club fees                                                                                        £    360.00

ICT Support                                                                                                     £  1,000.00

Resources & contingency                                                                             £    840.00