Participation in sport - Archived

Benedict Stevens - I play rugby at Colchester every Sunday. In rugby, you need to get a try, which is like a goal. You need to get people’s tags, which is a floppy strip that you stick on your belt. When someone tackles you by pulling off your tag you have to pass the ball diagonally backwards. I LOVE scoring tries and enjoy it when my team wins a match. My team think I’m the best at tackling. I think playing sports outside of school is important because it’s fun and you meet other people from different places.


Belle Golding Y2 - I do gym at Dave's Gymnastics Academy. I love going on all the equipment, my favourite is the spring board. I like the spring board because I can jump into the pit afterwards. I am working towards my level 7 badge.


Sunna Grewe Y6 - When I go to athletics, every Monday , we do lots of different types of sport. We do for example: long jump, High jump, hurdles, sprinting, long distance or just practicing all of theme. We go every time, whatever the weather and always have lots of fun. When competitions comes up our trainer asks if we are going, and then Shows us the things we have to do. When you go to the competitions themselves, you are really nervous and your heart is pounding at the start of every race, but if you go more than once, the second time, you have lots of fun.  Everyone there is friendly, even the people who are racing you, and you know exactly what to do because your trainer showed you. Even if you don’t know what to do, the people there show you. All in all Athletics is really fun. 

Frances Laverack Year 4

February 2015

Gymnastics - I've been doing gymnastics for five to six years. I went from doing one hour a week recreational to two hours a week development and I may be doing four hours a week development. I'm a member of British Gymnastics and I have three cards to show it. I have earn't lots of badges such as 8,7,6,5,4,3 and 2, but I was too good for 1, so I went to bronze, but I haven't got it yet. I've done a competition before, but I have a big one coming up in July and I have to learn to do a back flip and a forwards walkover, but I can already do one but not a back flip. I would really like to go to Glasgow for my Birthday in October, but I'll just have to wait for a yes or no.