‘In Essex, every learner is entitled to a curriculum rich and varied, challenging and inspiring, which enables every individual to fulfil her or his potential to the highest possible standard; so that all, for the benefit of all, are able to shape their destinies and create a better world.’

‘Every Learner’ – A Framework for the Curriculum in Essex

We believe that all children are entitled to the very best education that we can provide. We subscribe to the vision and principles set out in the ‘Every Learner’ document produced by Essex Learning Services.

This means that within the resources and time which are available to us, we will strive to supply each child in every class with a curriculum which is rich, varied, challenging and inspiring, and the conditions in which each individual can fulfil his or her potential to the highest possible standard in every respect of their lives.

We aim to make our school a warm, welcoming, friendly place, creating an atmosphere of security, stability and trust;

Where co-operation is encouraged and everyone in the school, regardless of position, race, gender or creed will feel valued and confident that their contributions are respected;

Where curiosity and a love of learning is fostered and where children feel that the learning experiences in which we involve them are important, carefully planned, relevant to their needs and abilities and give them the opportunity to grow towards autonomy at their own individual pace;

Where the curriculum encompasses the full range of areas of learning and experience at the appropriate level (aesthetic and creative, human and social, linguistic and literary, mathematical, moral and spiritual, physical, scientific and technological);

Where a sense of purpose is nurtured, responsibility is developed and self-discipline expected;

Where children are praised for their effort and successes, encouraged where they encounter difficulties and treated in a fair and consistent way when their behaviour is unacceptable;

Where realistic goals are set, helping children to acquire the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values which will enable them to understand the world and their responsibilities in its future;

Where all the children can gain strength from belonging to our school family and the understanding that this fellowship extends to their parents, guardians and to our wider community;

Where we work for continuity and progression through a themed  basic skills integrated curriculum and by effective liaison with our partner schools.

We believe that these ideals are best achieved by close attention to local expectations and to the National Curriculum, in classes where much of the work is from first hand experience and is drawn, where appropriate, from themes designed to enable children to understand the inter-relationship of many areas of learning.

We believe that in order to deliver such a programme, we must recruit and retain teachers and support staff of the highest calibre and ensure that they are given adequate training, time, resources and recognition for the work that they do.

We aim to appreciate that teachers and support staff have particular strengths and to provide them with opportunities to share their expertise and experience with colleagues. Similarly, we acknowledge that teachers will need help and support in their roles, covering the whole curriculum and embracing a variety of strategies.

We will seek to maintain a strong team spirit that will sustain co-operative professional development and a process of on-going review. We will endeavour to build on our achievements, recognising our professional responsibility to adapt to changing circumstances and to rise to new challenges.

Policy revised January 2013