Aylmerton 2017

Day 2

Relief after the heat of Monday! We were up nice and early, tucking into breakfasts of sausage, toast and spaghetti. After tidying our rooms (no typo!) we set off for West Runton and the beach. We learned all about the creatures that live in the rockpool habitat and found a fair few of them. We also found belemnite fossils (70-200 million years old), which the children absolutely loved. After that we took the coach to the Aylmerton Field Study Centre and preped for our Minster Walk, that circled Felbrigg Woods and entered monster territory. We used maps and compasses to navigate, and our brains to solve clues and riddles. Monsters were found and children were super soaked and a good time was had by all. After pizza, that you needed a ladder to eat, we went into the back woods and were entertained by a storyteller. He played instruments from all over the world and told some funny and scary indigenous story. The children were hanging off of his words and had a great time. A fantastic day, a quiet night and we look forward to the mud tomorrow. 

I have been putting pictures and the odd video clip on the FOM Facebook page, as it is something that I can do easily. If you have access, or can get access, check it out!!


Day 3

The mud walk was epic. Bacon for breakfast,  which is always popular, followed by a brief briefing, then we were on our way to Blakeney Village. We took off our schoes and waded into the River Glaven, then hit the mud - quite literally in Abbie's case. There is something very primeval and therapeutic about the mud oozing through your toes, and the kids loved it. We ate samphire and hunted for cockles, we dug up worms and learned how the habitats are interwoven. We walked the beach collection semi precious stones and meditated in the sand dunes. On the boat back we saw seals, so many seals basking on the beach and popping up beside the boat. It was an excellent day. In the evening we made our own entertainment. We played football and volleyball and looked forward to tomorrow, when we train to become pirates. 


Day 4

The weather forecast was thunder, lightning and squalls, which was just as well because today was the day that we started our pirate training. We reached the study centre and dressed the part, then after the storms had passed, we started our three pirate activities. The first group needed to work as a team to build monsoon shelters that would withstand the howling wind, horizontal rain and the super soakers that would pushed into any gap. The second group, again needed to work as a team to cross the rigging and the last group worked with buddies to traverse the low ropes. After each group did each activity we are happy to say that all of the children qualified and got to go into Felbrigg Woods to hunt for clues that would enable them to unlock their buried treasure. A fantastic day that ended in chocolate! After dinner we got on the coach to go to Norwich to have a game of bowling. Girl power ensued and congratulations to Olivia, Eleanor and Jasmine G for coming 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively. 


Algebra in Year 6

We had great fun creating linear sequences in maths. We especially enjoyed creating the sequences from cubes to help us visualise them. Have a look at the photos below to see what we did.

Year 6 Science

This term our science unit is all about light. We have been carrying out experiments to prove various facts about light. The first experiment we carried out proved that light only travels in straight lines. Have a look at these photos to see how we did this:

We also carried out experiments in groups to answer one of the following questions:

What happens to the size of the shadow when the object is moved closer to the screen?

What happens to the size of the shadow when the light is moved closer to the object?

What happens to the size of the shadow when the object is moved closer to the light?

Have a look at the photos below to see how we set these experiments up:

 Year 6 Extract DNA from a strawberry!!

On Wednesday 24th January, Dr Louise Beard visited Year 6 and delivered a lesson on DNA. This followed on from work we have been doing in class on evolution and inheritance.

The children learnt about the structure of DNA and what happens if there is a fault in our DNA code. In pairs, the children mixed crushed strawberry with a chemical mixture and extracted the DNA. We were all fascinated by the clear jelly which formed in the strawberry juice. This was actual DNA!!

Have a look through the photos below to see how the experiment progressed.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we would like to thank Louise again for giving up her time and teaching us about DNA.


Amazing work in Year 6

Here is a brief snapshot of some of the work we have been doing in Year 6 so far this year in subjects ranging between art, Spanish, English, geography and history.

There are lots more examples in the classroom for you to see…..