Year 4 went to Flatford on the 23rd March. We had a great time learning about John Constable, pond dipping and shelter building.


Year 4 have spent four weeks producing amazing science projects to demonstrate in our science themed day. The projects were based around sound, and each class member came up with their own question they wanted to answer.

All the children presented their findings to Year 5, and were able to answer further questions posed to them. An amazing achievement!

Victorian Day

In history we have been learning facts about the Victorians, and comparing our own school life with that of a Victorian child.

On Wednesday 1st February class 4 had our Victorian day. We dressed up as Victorian school children and experienced life in a Victorian classroom.

Year 4 has been learning about the water cycle. In groups, we created models of the Rocky Mountains (our geography topic) out of paper-mache and paints. We labelled our models with the water cycle process.