On Thursday 17th May, Year 4 took part in our Victorian day. We all dressed up as Victorian school children, and attended a day of Victorian themed lessons. We learnt to write in calligraphy, we took part in drill, we drew and labelled potatoes and even made scones to present to Queen Victoria. Well, actually we ate them instead. It was a great day!

Our Year 4 trip to Flatford was a great success. We learnt all about the history of John Constable and got to re-create his famous painting The Hay Wain. Pond dipping resulted in finding lots of different creatures, and we even built dens in the afternoon and tested how waterproof they were!

Year 4 have been learning about programming – creating instructions to be followed. In pairs, we created a Crossy-Road game, choosing our own characters and selecting coding in order to have up/left/right controls, objects which collide with our character and a prize at the end if we win the game.

The class have been using Hopscotch in order to create our games. This is a free app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store if they want to continue learning new techniques at home. Scratch is another good programming app, available as a download on PC.

Year 4

In maths, Year 4 have been learning their Roman Numerals. The class spent time learning a catchy Roman Numerals song, along with the hand moves for each number. All of the hard work was then presented to the rest of the school in sharing assembly.