Year 3

Year 3 Drumming Lessons

Every week Year 3 have a drumming lesson with Hassan, who is an amazing player of the African drums. We learn complicated rhythms, pass the note around (this is particularly difficult!), play solos, learn to play ‘the call’, and play copycat. It can be quite challenging and we need to really concentrate, but we have a lot of fun and have learnt a huge amount already this year.

In computing we are making great progress with our programming.

Egyptian Art

In Year 3 we have begun our very exciting History unit on the Ancient Egyptians. We are finding out all about life in Ancient Egypt and will be learning about pharaohs, pyramids, the Nile, gods and temples. We are also creating Egyptian Art, as you can see in these photos. Last week we made Pyramids at Sunset paintings and this week we drew Wildlife on the River Nile. We worked hard on our artwork and had a lot of fun!