Year 2 were given a challenge today! Which team could make the tallest tower from 30 paper straws, a polystyrene mat and masking tape?

Everyone rose to the challenge with great enthusiasm and motivation. I was really proud of every single member of the class who joined in well with their group. Everyone worked well, listening carefully to each other’s ideas and suggestions. There were a few flops and collapses, but, as I explained after, it was not so much the finished result as the work and discussion I was aiming for!

A super session!

In Year 2 we have been working on our projects on Pirates. We looked at information texts and discussed how they are set out. Next we got into pairs (or small groups) and did research on aspects of the pirates’ lives. We then wrote about this and did illustrations of our work. Finally we had to work closely together so that we could organise our work onto a large poster presentation.

We had a really good time. Mrs Russell was really pleased with the way we collaborated with each other, talking seriously about our finished work. The pictures show what great team work we were all involved in!

 Year 2

Year 2 have been finding out about The Great Fire of London. We had visitors from Essex University who came to help us find out more. We had a fantastic time playing games and acting out scenes from The Great Fire.