Year 6 Residential Trip to Aylmerton 2016

Aylmerton 2016


Day 1

Not the normal start to the Aylmerton experience. A long traffic jam between Ipswich and Norwich turned into a diversion that turned into a 90 minute delay. The rain was pouring, but the children were in good spirits. Because of the weather, the beach walk was curtailed and after arriving at Patteson Lodge, meeting the instructors and having lunch we went straight to Cromer. At Cromer we sheltered from the elements at the church and did activities there. Which were actually a lot of fun! We got to climb the 170 steps up to the viewing platform for the most incredible view of the town, learning about the history and the importance of the tourist trade. By now the weather was improving and we hit the beach for semi precious stone hunting and beach sculptures. After a delicious fish and chip supper there was more play on the beach, ice creams by the pier and the coach back to the centre. Even England's dire performance at the Euros didn't tarnish a great day.

Day 2

This is more like it! We awoke full of smiles, to sunshine. During breakfast Skippy made an entrance and talked to us about the day ahead. We took the coach to Aylmerton and became pirates. We were chosen to become trainee pirates for Captain Blackhead but to qualify for crew status we needed to pass 3 pirate activities. We then tested ourselves in the: Captains rigging - where were traversed the rigging from port to starboard, being encouraged by partners, the bosun's chair - where we transported ourselves across ship through shark infested waters and finally the monsoon shelter - where we built a shelter that could withstand the most frenzied rainstorm (or couldn't!)

After the activities were successfully navigated through, we were now real crew and we set off with clues to find Blackhead's treasure in Felbrigg woods. After dinner we went bowling and Ed was this year's champion. Well done, Ed. Well done everybody

Day 3

Day 3 was definitely one that some of us were looking forward to, and some of us weren't - the monster walk. We made our way to the field study centre and involved ourselves in team building activities. In the afternoon we walked into Felbrigg woods and navigated from clue to clue, solving anagrams and quizzes. We read our compasses, checked our bearings and moved ever more closer to the lair of the Felbrigg monsters. Not one of us didn't jump, but it was a great afternoon! In the evening, after a meal of soup (yes, your children are eating soup) pizza and spaghetti bolognaise we enjoyed an evening of free time, which for most of us was a gigantic game of volleyball that went on until 10pm. Next up, the mudwalk.

Day 4

A great day yesterday. We woke extra early and set off for Morston Quay for the boat for the seals. We sang our song and saw our seals and arrived at the old lifeboat house. We then walked through the dunes and learned how they were formed. We searched for more stones and paddled in the water and had an al fresco lunch. After lunch we meditated in the dunes and made our way to the mud flats. The mud was oozy and slippery and there were one or two casualties (Jess, Ed and Josh B) We hunted for cockles and tasted samphire and got onto the coach as happy children. In the evening we heard stories and ate barbeque and thought about our journey home tomorrow.